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Act of Kindness - Rescuing a Helpless Bird from the Street

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It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was going for my regular walk during my lunch time. I noticed a very strange ball on the corner of the pavement. I was curious. I looked closely and it was a bird, still young as it had yellow plumage. I realised it had fallen out of its nest because it was a bit windy. I wasn't sure what to do so I picked it up and put it up on a wall behind branches to protect it from the wind and to let it stay warm.

bird rescue

I continued my walk but couldn't stop thinking about the little bird. So I thought I'd go back to my workplace and looked for a carton box to carry the bird. I was halfway through when I saw someone in their garden. I walked towards the old man and explained the situation and asked if I could borrow a box. He went into his garage and gave me a plastic box. I thanked him and went back to where I left the bird. I couldn't find it as it had fallen again! I picked it up and placed it in the box and went back to my office. I thought the warmth of the office will do it some good and I would take it back home when I finished work.

While going to my seat, I stopped at a colleague desk and asked whether she could call the RSPCA or similar. She tried calling a few organisations but either they did not respond or she was put on hold. So I said I was going to the kitchen to try feed the bird some water. Once in the kitchen, I grabbed a teaspoon and tilted the plastic box so that it was easier for me to bring the water to its beak. Colleagues who entered the kitchen started with their comments, some were shocked at what I was doing, some started telling me it was a health & safety issue but all I cared was to save the bird's life.

When I finally managed to make it drink a few drops, I returned to the colleague who was making the calls and she said she managed to get through a local vet in St Albans, the Heath Lodge Veterinary Group and they said I could bring the bird in.

So I took my car out and drove to the vet and once I was in, I handed over the bird to the receptionist. I asked whether I could have the plastic box back because I had borrowed it and she said yes but I'd have to wait a few minutes for the nurse to come first. When the nurse examined the bird, she said there was nothing wrong with the bird except that it was still a baby and there was nothing they could do for it. She asked me whether I could take it back to where I found it as that would be the best thing. I denied the request and said if I left it there, it would die for sure. So she said there was another place I could take it, a rescue centre which was a 40 minutes drive from where I was. I explained that I was on my lunch break and it would be impossible for me to go there right now.

I thought if they couldn't keep the bird I would care for it myself but in the end they agreed to look after it. I just hope the bird made it through!

Have you ever rescued a bird?

If yes, please share your story with me.

gices Published 17 Sep 2014
Gices Abraham is the founder of Clever Dodo. He's a life coach and advocates the practice of MAM (Movement/Arts/Meditation) for a well-balanced and happy life. Born in Mauritius and now living in the UK, he usually blogs about fitness, music, spirituality and driving topics to pass on his knowledge.


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sarah_7 18 Oct 2019

aww so cute

gices 19 Oct 2019

The bird or me? :P

sarah_7 20 Oct 2019

I tried to save a hare and I feed many birds. They like coming close to me. If I forget to give them food, they come inside my house and start chasing me. Anyway birds are always cute but if i start saying that the founder of a website is cute, his girlfriend will get be banned!